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3 Models of Successful Parish Evangelization

October 7, 2017

Saint Helen's Church, Westfield, NJ

Following the success of our first School of Evangelization - E-Tools That Work series “What’s In Your E-Toolbox?” held on June 7, 2017, we felt a half day workshop event would highlight the “Best Practices” of evangelization that parishioners and pastors could implement immediately in their parishes. While planning the workshop topics, we focused on what parishioners told us about their needs: where do we start, how do we know we can do it, how to get others in my parish involved. The three workshops that were developed from these insights were created and run by parishioners with experience and current involvement in the topic. Thus, the information was very much up-to-date.

"How to Start a New Evangelization Ministry” workshop given by Marissa Espinosa from Saint Peter the Apostle in River Edge, New Jersey, focused on:

·       basic steps needed to start a new evangelization ministry

·       what programs to attend

·       how to recruit team members

·       promotional materials

·       keys to moving the ministry forward.

Here are the materials of Marissa’s resources given out at this workshop. Click HERE.


“Recognizing a Need” workshop given by Joan Piasio from Saint Teresa of Avila in Summit, New Jersey, focused on:

·       Charisms as gifts from the Holy Spirit that are directly connected to our relationship with God which give the person a sense of peace and assuredness in their work and ministry, and allow the person to “supernaturally” go beyond their own natural talents.

·       How to help someone recognize their charisms

·       How to assist team members in the use of their charisms in their parish ministries

Here are the materials of Joan’s resources given out at this workshop. Click HERE.


“Using Parish Resources” workshop given by Jonathan Camiolo from Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in Wyckoff, New Jersey focused on:

·       ways to connect to the mission of the parish

·       how to draw more parishioners into ministry through personal recruitment

·       knowing the needs of the ministry

·       how to work closely with the pastor and parish staff.

Here are the materials of Jonathan’s resources given out at this workshop. Click HERE.

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