Physical Environment Accessibility

Building Accessibility – Getting into and around the building.

Are there designated disability parking spaces and drop off location near the entrance?  Is the parking area uncluttered and have curb cutouts, appropriate lighting to see at night?  Is there clear signage for entrance, exit, restrooms?  Are the restrooms accessible to wheelchair users?  Is there a ramp or elevator for people who can’t use stairs?

Room Layout – It is laid out so that people can move easily and safely throughout it.

It is recommended to have room layout such that people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices and people who are blind can move through the gathering space and have choices of where to sit.  It is recommended that side aisles are at least 60” and inner aisles at least 36” and are free of chairs, power chords, etc.  Seating should allow for mixed seating and personal preference.  For example, don’t designate a specific table or area for wheelchair users.  

Designate at least one greeter who can assist anyone who needs a chair moved to allow space for their wheelchair or service dog.