Housing Opportunities

If your present community would be interested in welcoming a religious from another community, would you kindly let the Office of the Delegate for Religious know. I will keep that information on file so that if someone is looking for a place of residence, I could direct them to you. That information would also be included on this web site page. If you have any criteria for accepting a resident in your convent, you could also give me that information.

Contact the office of the Delegate for Religious for available housing for individuals or for vacant convents that could be rented or purchased.

If you are willing to look into intercommunity living, the Office for the Delegate for Religious can let you know other religious who are looking for housing. An intercommunity arrangement might be a possibility.


or Phone: 973-497-4582 

If your community is searching for housing, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Delegate for Religious. In addition you may visit the website of the Office of Property Management to find out which available properties are listed there.

Archdiocesan Properties