NJCC Statement on S3452/4601

On Monday, June 17, 2024, New Jersey Senate Democrats introduced S3452, legislation that would further expand abortion access in New Jersey. 

The Senate Commerce Committee has yet to schedule S3452 for a hearing. However, the Senate sponsors have indicated their intention to “fast track” the legislation before the end of June. 

If signed into law, S3452 would: 

  • Enshrine into state law the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance regulations that eliminate all out-of-pocket costs for abortions by mandating all state-regulated health plans cover 100% of the procedure. Not only could this increase consumers’ health insurance premiums, but it will allocate an undetermined amount of public funding to pay for abortions for patients who have Medicaid.
  • Enshrine into state law the Board of Medical Examiner’s regulations granting non-physicians permission to perform abortions; and
  • Prohibits malpractice insurance providers from penalizing medical professionals for providing abortions or gender-affirming care on the basis the procedures are illegal in other states.

The supporters call this legislation a monumental stride forward to protect and expand healthcare rights in New Jersey and necessary because abortion rights are under attack. Sadly, both claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

For centuries, the Catholic church has not only been an advocate for quality, affordable, and life affirming healthcare, we have been a leading provider, especially to the poor and marginalized. Based on our experience, we can say with full confidence, abortion is not healthcare because it is a direct attack on the dignity and sacredness of human life.

Additionally, the supporters claim the legislation is necessary because abortion rights are under attack. Despite this claim, unlike other states, New Jersey has no major restrictions on abortions, such as waiting periods, mandated parental notifications, or limitations on the use of public funding to subsidize these procedures.

For these reasons, the New Jersey Catholic Conference strongly opposes S3452 and urges Catholics and people of good will to join us in stopping S3452 from becoming law.

If your State Senator serves on the Senate Commerce Committee that will determine if S3452 will advance in the Legislature, we urge you to contact her/him now and ask them to vote “NO” on this harmful bill. 

If your state senator is not on the committee, please contact him/her and ask that they urge their colleagues on the committee to vote “NO” on the bill.  Voter Voice will determine whether or not your Senator is on the Commerce Committee and customize the letter accordingly.