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Family Life

Mission Statement


The Catholic Church has historically been an advocate for strong family life. In keeping with this role, the Office of Family Life Ministries of the Archdiocese of Newark:

  • Is committed to placing the Christian family at the center of the Church's work and worship because the family is the basic foundation of both Church and society
  • Helps prepare engaged couples for happy, holy and successful marriages as well as aids those going through difficult times
  • Offers spiritual, educational, supportive and remedial programs to families
  • Intends to be the model for Family Life ministries in Archdiocesan parishes, and at the same time, provides pastoral ministers and Family Life resources for the parishes to implement programs
  • Provides occasions of prayer and celebration
  • Offers all these services in both English and Spanish

Contact Us

Brian Caldwell                               
Jennifer Ferraioli
Associate Director, Marriage Preparation
Yamilka Genao, M.E., M.A.P.M.
Associate Director                       
Hispanic Family Life Ministries/Pastoral Familiar Hispana
Planificación Natural de la Familia (PNF)
John Kalinowski                              
Coordinator, Ministry of Loss & Healing                                                          


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