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Ministry of Healing

When family members are faced with the challenges of daily living following major life upheavals, the Family Life Office can offer support. Many who hunger for God’s consolation after the loss of a loved one, whether it be from death, separation or divorce, will find that parish-based support groups can allow them the opportunity for support in a spiritual context. Attendance at a support group has long been recognized as a valuable tool in grief recovery.

Groups can provide connection and understanding in a spiritually-centered, confidential, non-judgmental setting. They can also offer education about the grief process and other important resources to assist healing.  Archdiocesan support groups are led by lay people, deacons and religious who are trained facilitators and all groups are open to those of all faiths. 

Read about parish-based support groups here

Additional services:

Counseling and other Referrals: The Family Life Office is able to make referrals to Catholic licensed mental health professionals for individual, marriage and family therapy.  We can also help with referrals to Archdiocesan and outside programs that can assist families with specific needs, such as, troubled marriages, same sex attraction, pornography, substance use disorders, post-abortion healing, healing the wounds of physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse.

Support Group Facilitator Training: Many of our volunteers feel a call to the consolation ministry due to their own experience of loss. Others may have recognized a specific need in their parish to help comfort those who are grieving. We run several different training programs to support those who would like to minister to the bereaved and facilitate a parish support group. 

If you are interested in being trained as a parish support group facilitator, call 973-497-4327or email

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