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A Catholic research team centered at Georgetown University - Putting social science research at the service of the Church since 1964.

CARA's mission is To discover, promote, and apply modern techniques and scientific informational resources for practical use in a coordinated and effective approach to the Church's social and religious mission in the modern world, at home and overseas.


A professional membership organization dedicated to serving you at the diocesan or parish level to meet your development needs. Incorporated in 1990, the Conference resulted from a merger of two predecessor organizations with twenty years experience in planning, modeling, and practicing shared leadership.

Pastoral planning is one of the most vital tools at the disposal of the American Catholic Church today. Careful coordination of services along with a commitment in faith to the mission of Jesus can only help to promote the call to renewal and reconciliation among God's people.

Bishop Howard J. Hubbard
Bishop of Albany, New York
NCCB Episcopal Liaison to CPPCD


CUPR has developed new real estate along the most important transportation network in the world: the World Wide Web (WWW). Now it is easy to keep up with CUPR activities and the latest books of CUPR Press. Finished browsing? You can download data and activities via our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. An Internet connection and a click of the mouse are all you need to experience CUPR's migration from cityscape to cyberspace.

The CUPR web site contains a current list of Center projects, information on urban and regional planning topics, profiles of faculty and staff. If, for example, you are interested in our recent ventures into environmental policy and pollution prevention, just click on "Projects." Our most extensive offering is "CUPR Press" on-line. If you cannot locate your most recent CUPR Press Books catalog, or if you wish to peruse the abstract and table of contents of a particular title, you can now find it on the Web.

Visit the "What's New" page. On it you'll find the State of the Nation's Cities (SoNC), a comprehensive database on 77 American cities and suburbs. SoNC is available in Macintosh or PC format via FTP. This resource brings together nearly 1,500 variables from a wide variety of sources, allowing easy comparability of indicators on employment and economic development, demographic measures, housing and land use, income and poverty, fiscal conditions, and a host of other health, social, and environmental indicators.

"What's New" also hot links you to the "Rutgers University Community" - an on-line search engine for activities and skills of Rutgers University community service organizations, working in the New Brunswick, NJ area. Through the WWW, CUPR hopes to expand real-time networking opportunities and enable greater collaboration for grant proposals and creative new ventures for faculty, staff, and students on campus.

CUPR's Web site will continue to expand. Look for:

  • Electronic Bookstore. In September, you will be able to browse our digital store and make purchases on-line.

  • CUPR Working Papers - selected prior years' issues.

  • Book Reviews and links to other related books.

Do not forget technology! Visiting our Web site, you will journey with us into telecommunications, GIS, and other information technologies as they apply to urban and regional planning and policy. Future updates will include examples from our GIS projects as well as downloadable spatial data.

The WWW is not a substitute for the printed page; it represents an entirely new medium. CUPR will make full use of the hypertext format and dynamic nature of the Web. The CUPR site will not only disseminate information but will provide a way for people to communicate and exchange ideas.


The Economy - The Environment - Transportation - Social Policy - Affordable Housing - Open Spaces - Governance and other public policy issues critical to the future of the Tri-State Region, look into the Regional Planning Association.

RPA's New Jersey Office offers recommendations and undertakes specific projects to advance land use planning, economic development, transportation investments and environmental conservation. RPA/New Jersey encompasses the following counties: Bergen, Essex, Union, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Warren and Somerset. 

RPA/NJ's mission is to research issues of regional and statewide significance, to promote proposals and advocate solutions to these issues, and to implement action projects and policy initiatives across political boundaries that will lead to positive change within New Jersey and throughout the tri-state region.


State of New Jersey Web Site

Bergen County Department of Planning

Hudson County Division of Planning