Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., D.D.

Archbishop of Newark

Auxiliary Bishops

The Archdiocese of Newark is served by four Auxiliary Bishops who assist with the administration of its parishes in their designated counties.

Bishop Manuel Cruz

Regional Bishop for Essex County

Bishop Michael Saporito

Regional Bishop for Bergen County

Bishop Elias Lorenzo

Regional Bishop for Union County

Bishop Gregory Studerus

Regional Bishop for Hudson County

Chancery Officials

Archbishop of Newark
Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, C.Ss.R., D.D.

Vicar General  
Very Reverend John J. Chadwick, S.T.D. 

Sr. Donna L. Ciangio, O.P., M.A., D. Min. 

Priest Secretary to the Cardinal
Rev. Jason J. Makarow 

Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz, D.D., Titular Bishop of Gaguari and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark – Episcopal Vicar for Essex County

Most Reverend Elias R. Lorenzo, O.S.B., Titular Bishop of Tabuda and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark – Episcopal Vicar for Union County

Most Reverend Michael A. Saporito, Titular Bishop of Luperciana and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark – Episcopal Vicar for Bergen County

Most Reverend Gregory J. Studerus, Titular Bishop of Tarasa in Byzacena and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark – Episcopal Vicar for Hudson County

Most Reverend John W. Flesey, S.T.D., D.D., Titular Bishop of Allegheny and Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Newark

Most Reverend Dominic A. Marconi, D.D., Titular Bishop of Burie and Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Newark

Chief Operating Officer
Lawrence Boland

General Counsel
Steven Llanes, Esq.

Judicial Vicar
Very Rev. Raphael Lee, J.C.L.

Delegate for Canonical Affairs 
Sr. Rosemary Smith, S.C. 

Vicar for Clergy & Director of Clergy Personnel
Very Rev. Charles Pinyan

Vicar for Pastoral Life
Very Rev. John Gordon, V.F.

Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Pescatore, K.H.S.

Episcopal Vicar for Healthcare and Social Concerns
Rev. Msgr. Ronald J. Rozniak, P.A., V.G., E.V.

Director of Communications and Public Relations
Maria Margiotta, M.S.

Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Parish Business Services
Nancy Lystash, L.H.S.

Vice Chancellor & Executive Director of Human Resources; Director of Deacon Personnel
Deacon John J. McKenna, K.H.S.

Minister for Priests
Rev. Gabriel B. Costa, Ph.D. 

Delegate for Religious
Sr. Patricia Wormann, O.P., M.Div., M.S.W.

Episcopal Vicar of Education  
Rev. Stephen J. Fichter, Ph.D.