The Archdiocese of Newark takes very seriously any and all credible complaints of sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy, religious, lay staff and volunteers of the Archdiocese. We encourage anyone with knowledge of an act of sexual abuse of a minor to inform the Archdiocese immediately so that we can take appropriate action to protect others and provide support to victims of sexual abuse.

Whom can I contact to report an allegation of sexual abuse or misconduct?

If you suspect a child is in imminent danger from abuse, please call 911 immediately.


To report known or suspected child abuse:

Contact the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP)
24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline: 1-877-652-2873 DCF | Child Protection and Permanency (

And, contact your County Prosecutor:


New Jersey Clergy Abuse Hotline: (855) 363-6548

Any person who wishes to report an incident of sexual abuse of a minor committed by a member of the clergy, religious, lay staff or volunteer of the Archdiocese of Newark should contact the Archdiocese as follows:

Karen Clark
Director, Office of Child and Youth Protection
The Archdiocese of Newark
171 Clifton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104

Phone: 973-497-4254  Fax: 973-497-4001  


Eugenia Criscuolo, Coordinator, Phone: 201-407-3256

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What happens when criminal history record checks turn up a criminal record?

If the background check is completed with a “hit,” careful consideration will be given to the role and type of contact as it relates to minors and/or vulnerable individuals. At all times, the safety of the youth and vulnerable will be paramount and decisions will be made accordingly.

Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service

The Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service has been established to receive reports of sexual abuse and related misconduct by bishops, and to relay those reports to proper Church authorities for investigation. Where a report includes a crime, such as the sexual abuse of a minor, it will also be reported to civil authorities. Otherwise, reports will be kept confidential. To report abuse, go to Homepage | CBAR ( or call 800-276-1562.