Catechetical Office

Catechesis involves the intentional and systematic efforts to nurture the faith of adults, youth and children in developing their relationship with Jesus and growing toward maturity of faith and to living committed lives as disciples of Jesus.

Support Of Parish Catechetical Ministry

The Catechetical Office accompanies and provides support to pastors and parish catechetical leaders in order to ensure that the ministry of catechesis is carried out in the most effective way possible in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Newark. The staff seeks to inspire parish leaders to remain focused on the mission entrusted to them by Jesus so that they can mobilize their parish communities, transforming the faithful into missionary disciples growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ. We provide the formation, tools and resources necessary for parishes to carry out this mission with zeal.

Leadership Development And Catechist Formation

The success of a catechetical program in providing evangelizing and transformative catechesis depends primarily on the leadership of the catechetical leader and on the formation of the catechetical team. Our office provides formation opportunities for parish catechetical leaders and is here to mentor and support them. Catechists are equipped for effective catechesis through our Catechist Formation and Certification Process.

Adult Catechesis

The catechetical formation of adults is essential for the Church to carry out the commission given the apostles by Christ.

​(National Directory for Catechesis no. 48A)

The catechesis of adults is the ideal standard toward which all catechetical activity is aimed. The Archdiocesan Catechetical Office serves the needs of our parishes by offering consultation and support for adult faith formation design and implementation. In addition, we offer the Spotlight Series on an ongoing basis. Spotlight courses are led by dynamic master teachers and are open to all adults who seek to deepen their faith by focusing on the Sacred Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For more information and helpful resources, visit our Adult Faith Formation page.

Family Resources

The Catechetical Office aims to embrace and serve our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters throughout the Archdiocese. We work closely with Spanish speaking parish catechetical leaders to ensure that they are fully equipped to serve their parish families. Embracing the spirit of the “V Encuentro”, we aim to provide leadership development in the area of catechesis for Spanish speaking leaders and to ensure that parishes have robust catechetical programs that make the riches of our faith accessible to all.

Catechesis With The Hispanic Community

“All families need God. Every single one. We need His help, His strength, His blessing, His mercy, and His forgiveness.” -Pope Francis

The family is where our children first experience God and a community of faith. The Archdiocesan Catechetical Office recognizes the central role our families play in the life of the Church. Our goal is to help parish leaders in their ministry with families by providing training, materials, consultation, and support for program design and implementation. For more information and helpful resources, visit our Family Faith Formation Page.

Catechesis In Catholic Schools

Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church. Through education, the Church seeks to prepare children and their families to proclaim the Good News, and to translate this proclamation into action. Our Catholic schools afford an opportunity to realize the threefold purpose of Christian education among young people – message, community, and service. The Catechetical Office is committed to the promotion, preservation, and growth of all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese, whether parochial, private, religious community-owned, or regional. We strive to develop programs of excellence that convey the message of Christ and prepare students for a life in faith. The Catechetical Office provides numerous initiatives to help strengthen staff and faculty in their understanding of catechesis while equipping them with methods to help enliven the school’s Catholic identity.

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