Catholics urged to contact Gov. Murphy on Aid in Dying bill

The following article is courtesy of the Diocese of Trenton. Click here to view the article on The Trenton Monitor website.

State residents are being urged to contact Gov. Phil Murphy after a bill that would allow terminally ill residents to end their lives passed the state Legislature March 25.

“Hope is slim, but there is one last important thing you can do,” reads a call to action on the website of the New Jersey Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the state’s bishops.

Click Here to contact Gov. Murphy

“Please call the Governor’s Office at (609) 292-6000, give your name and tell the aide you oppose the assisted suicide bills (A1405/S1072) passed by the Legislature and ask that Governor Murphy veto them,” the website reads.

Opposed physicians are urged to contact the governor, too, and identify themselves and make a statement about how allowing lethal drugs would impact their practice of medicine.

The Aid in Dying bill passed the Assembly 41-33 and the Senate 21-16.

The bill, which goes against the Catholic Church’s fundamental teaching on the dignity of all human life, would allow adults who receive a terminal diagnosis to obtain self-administered medication to end their lives.