Building on a long tradition of Athletics in the Archdiocese, the Office for Youth & Young Adult Ministry sponsors , coordinates and carries out various sports leagues for our grammar aged students in the counties of the Archdiocese for those that attend Religious Education in our Archdiocese, or that attend our Archdiocesan Grammar Schools.

The Office for Youth & Young Adult Ministry DOES NOT sponsor teams. Parishes and Schools create teams and then join leagues.   It is not like in a town’s Recreation Program where children “sign up” to play. Registrations for teams take place at the PARISH or SCHOOL LEVEL.

CYO Girls Fall Volleyball

Once again this Fall we will be offering Girls Volleyball for grades 5 to 8 in all four counties of our Archdiocese. 


  1. Program Directors please use the below form to submit the information for your Program and its Teams.
  2. Program Directors will need to submit ONE FORM PER TEAM
  3. Program Directors should hit submit once you complete the form
  4. Program Directors should hit REFRESH on their browser so that a new blank form will appear

2023 CYO Girls Fall Volleyball Team Commitment Form

Program Information

Team Information

Team Composition By Grade (fill in # of players by grade – enter "0" if none)

Overall Program Director Information

Overall Program Director(Required)

Volleyball Director Information (ONLY if different from Program Director)

Volleyball Director Name

Finance Manager Information

Head Coach Information

Head Coach Name(Required)

Assistant Coaches (if applicable)

Asst Coach #1 Name
Asst Coach #2 Name
Asst Coach #3 Name
  • ONLY Assistant Coaches listed here can sit on the bench for game
  • ALL HEAD Coaches must be at least 21 years of age
  • ALL Coaches must be current with their Safe Environmental Clearance (PGC class, background check and volunteer application on file) and are required to follow all rules and conform to the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct, CYO Rules, CYO Coaches Covenant and the CYO Athletic Guidelines

Required Safe Environment Clearance for all CYO Coaches/ Volunteers

In the Archdiocese of Newark ANY and ALL Coaches and Volunteers are required to have the proper Safe Environment Clearance BEFORE they being coaching or working with young people.

CYO Basketball

For more information on any of our CYO Athletic Leagues or Events please contact:

Tom Conboy

ext 4146 


Vic Pianese

Coordinator of CYO Athletics