Dear Parents

In an effort to support you in your work providing a foundation of faith for your children that they can hopefully draw on throughout life, I offer the ideas below. While these can apply to all children, I am particularly talking to parents who have children with a disability, because as with everything else, it seems you have to work harder than other parents at the task. At best, this is sometimes without the help of your church, and other times it is seemingly at odds with it. However, it is truly the desire of your church to support you and walk with you on this journey and it is your right that we should do so.

You have probably often heard that parents are the primary teachers or examples of religious faith in a child’s life. No matter how unqualified you may feel about this, the love you give to your child each day: the sacrifices you make, the nurturing of your child’s spirit, the limits set and teaching right from wrong, these are all seeds of God’s love that you plant in your sons and daughters. In fact a child’s image of God typically reflects their experience of their parents love.

The ideas suggested in the section below, “Faith at Home: Some Suggestions” are just some possibilities. Don’t worry about trying to do them all or trying to do them perfectly. Pick one thing that catches your attention and seems easy to do. If it doesn’t go as you had hoped or expected, DON’T WORRY! Faith, like all of life, is a journey and our journey is part of who we are (even though there are often parts we would like to skip!). That applies to how long it takes for your son or daughter to learn a prayer, skill, behavior, or whatever. Whether it takes ten days or five years, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you are doing what you can is all that counts. They, and we, have a lifetime for this journey.

Yours Sincerely in Christ,

Anne Masters