Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

His Holiness
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

We pray, O Lord, that your servant Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who served by your will on earth as the visible foundation of your Church’s unity, may be happily admitted to your blessed flock.
–Various Prayers for the Dead, For a Pope

With news of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the Office of Worship has prepared the attached document to help prepare for Mass, liturgy, prayers, the tolling of church bells, bunting and other significant traditions during this time.

Novena Prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
The Secretariat for Divine Worship of the USCCB has made available the novena for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on the USCCB Website. It is also available as a PDF in English and Spanish. The prayers are appropriate for a period of mourning and should begin on the day of the funeral – Thursday, January 5. They will conclude on January 13.