Our Catholic Faith Patches

  • Program Goals

    This series is designed for girls grades 1-12. Its goals are to:

    • Foster Catholic identity
    • Encourage youth to learn more about their faith
    • Encourage youth to serve their community
    • Encourage youth to grow in holiness
  • How does the Patch Program Work? 

    Each patch is earned by youth completing four of the outlined activities.

    • To participate, download the PDF activity sheet for the patch desired.
    • Once the activities are completed and the patch earned, purchase the patch through the NFCYM Online Store.
    • Girl Scouts may place this patch on the back of the sash or vest.

    Women in Scripture Series

    Models of Faith

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Patch


    Rich Donovan

    Archdiocesan Scouting Coordinator
    Associate Directo
    ext 4150