Spiritual Food: Living Water

The Living Water(活泉) , a bi-monthly published spiritual journal in the Chinese language, has been established since December 1991. It includes various spiritual talks, witness stories and prayers by different writers, which has nurtured the spirituality of the Chinese Catholic Community in New Jersey for 27 years by steadfastly reaching around 280 families. Its publication is authorized by Rev. Msgr. Joseph Chiang who is from the Archdiocese of Newark, and Rev. Fr. Vincent Chen who is from the Diocese of Metuchen. Both priests are the directors of the Living Water. There are some other people who have made valuable contributions for the publication of this spiritual journal.
            活泉是一本中文双月刊灵修期刊,于1991年发行至今。这本定期刊物由不同作者编写和翻译,内容包括灵修讲座,信仰见证和祈祷。27 年来它稳定发行,目前每期发行约280个家庭,为新泽西华人天主教社区提供灵修上的滋养。此刊发行由纽瓦克总主教区的江绥蒙席神父和梅塔钦主教区的陈金星神父核准。两位神长均为此刊物发行监督人。还有同工数人为这本灵修期刊的发行做出了非常宝贵的贡献(名字见期刊第二封页)。

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