Marist High School Names Peter G. Kane as President

The Board of Trustees of Marist High School, Bayonne, NJ, announces the appointment of Mr. Peter G. Kane to serve as the new President of Marist High School. Marist High School is owned and operated by the Marist Brothers of the United States, serving the students of Hudson and Essex County since 1954.  

Most recently, Peter served as Senior Director at the New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency, which gave him in-depth exposure to government funding and insight into private/public partnerships. He has strengths and experience in project management, IT, strategic planning, and the oversight of operating/capital budgets. He brings a wealth of connections to corporations. Peter is a graduate of the Stern School of Business at NYU.

Asked about how his experiences have prepared him for his new position, Peter commented, “My experience has taught me that people, respect, communication, honesty and integrity are common threads regardless of the task. Interpersonal relationships are the most basic foundation of a fruitful life.” Since Marist High School has as one of its mantras, “It’s all about relationships!” it would appear that Peter G. Kane has found a great fit. 

The school’s premier College NOW! Program, where students can earn an Associate’s Degree while in high school, and the exploration of a Land Lease opportunity, have spurred the Marist Brothers to reinstate the President-Principal leadership model.  

Alice J. Miesnik, formerly Head of School and now Principal, said, “Returning to the President-Principal model makes perfect sense right now. Peter brings the business expertise, management skills, and financial acumen that will optimize Marist’s longevity. We don’t want to leave opportunities on the table.”

Brother Patrick McNamara, Provincial of the Marist Brothers of the USA, said, “The Marist Brothers are thrilled to welcome Peter Kane to the Marist Family, We appreciate his belief in Catholic secondary education and know that his career experience will be very helpful to Marist in planning a strong future.”

Peter and his family are active members of St. Teresa of Avila in Summit, NJ. Peter is also active on many boards, serving as the Governor’s appointee/Commissioner of the City of Summit Housing Authority as well as Treasurer for the Board of Soup Kitchen 411, a non-profit which facilitates sourcing and delivery of food and nourishment. As Peter said, “My 30 plus years of private sector, financial and technology related management intelligence belies a non-profit heart and soul.”