Prayer for Deacons

We praise you, Father, Creator of all things,

Who teaches us how to love and

Who guides us on our journey of service.

Have mercy on us, forgive us our failings, and

Show us the way to be faithful servants.

We thank you for our families

and the faith communities who support us,

and we ask You to bless and watch over them.

Give us the grace to open our minds and hearts

as we grow in wisdom, faith and love of You

and Your Word.

Send down Your Spirit, Lord, to sustain us

as we accept Your call to be Heralds of Your Word,

servants at Your Table and Ministers of charity

to Your people.

With the intercession of Blessed Mary, Mother of God, St. John the Baptist,

who inspires us to be Your voice, and all Your saintly deacons.

We pray in the name of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior,

In union with the Holy Spirit.


Composed by Deacon candidates of the Diocese of Sprinfield, MA.