Social Concerns

The Office for Social Concerns embodies the mission of Jesus described in Luke 4:18-19 by bringing good news to the poor, advocating for freedom, healing the blind, and supporting the oppressed. Through collaborations with individuals, organizations, parish committees, and advocacy groups, we empower individuals to actively engage in their lives and work towards justice. Aligned with Pope Francis’s vision, we uphold the rights and responsibilities of all, striving for a peaceful world and the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom.

Recordings: Parish Social Concerns Committee Webinars 2023-2024

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Parish Social Concerns Committees

The Committees serve as the primary platform for local initiatives in justice and charity, providing parishioners with opportunities to serve and contribute towards creating a more just and improved community. Embracing the notion of thinking globally and acting locally, below you will find guidelines and PowerPoints that can assist you in initiating, renewing, or reevaluating your Social Concerns Committee.


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