Statement on Published Media Report Regarding Software App Use

Updated Statement

The Archdiocese of Newark has been made aware of a published media report with information inferring possible inappropriate software app use by certain clergy within the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese of Newark has not received any data or analysis from the report’s publisher, and therefore, we are unable to review the reported information until data is provided. We have formally requested that the publisher provide this data and analysis.

We were informed by the publisher that their information is based on the collection of app use data on mobile devices in certain locations. Many consider this data collection to be controversial and morally suspect due to its potential to harm the reputations of innocent individuals who may not have engaged in misconduct of any kind. Although the purported information conveyed to the Archdiocese does not provide any evidence of misconduct by Archdiocesan clergy or employees, we recognize that any app or technology has the potential for misuse or abuse, which would be of concern. This matter is to be evaluated and further reviewed pending the receipt of the publisher’s data and analysis.

We are committed to protecting the faithful, and when we learn of any immoral behavior or misconduct, we immediately take appropriate measures to address concerns and reinforce this commitment. The Archdiocese of Newark takes seriously all complaints of misconduct or abuse by members of the clergy, religious, lay staff, and volunteers of the Archdiocese. Any person who wishes to report an incident of abuse should contact their County Prosecutor and the Archdiocesan Office for the Protection of the Faithful at 973-497-4254.

Media contact: | 973-497-4186