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Be Prepared – Planning Ahead In Registration Process: What to Ask

  • Do you need handouts in an alternative format? Large print (San serif font such as Ariel, 17 or larger)?
  • Do you need the slides ahead of time digitally?  Individuals who are blind or have low vision will typically prefer accessing through the screen reader on their computer during the presentation. (See Preparing Accessible Presentation for more information)
  • Providing handouts earlier limits your need for printing and also benefits individuals who are blind or have low vision or need more time to process information.  (See Preparing Accessible Presentation)
  • Do you need an interpreter or captioning?
  • Do you need to sit up front for better hearing and/or reading lips? [Or does facility have a hearing loop system?]
  • Do you need physical mobility assistance? Do you use a wheelchair, cane, walker, scooter, etc?
  • Do you need note taking assistance?
  • Do you communicate better with pictures and stories?  In this case it will help to have an additional ‘recorder’ at the table.  If possible, this is someone from the parish that knows the person, such as a catechist, or who knows them in some other way.  A teen leader could be very good at this also, as well as an educator or education student in the parish.
  • If the above, it could be good for this recorder to listen and talk with the person to the side first, before sharing with the group.  Another possibility is to meet at another time or before the meeting begins to start the process of sharing.
  • Do you have food or environmental allergies?
  • Is there anything else we should know?

In Depth Guidelines for Accessible Planning