Our Hearts Break for Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

The name of God and of humanity were desecrated today in Christchurch, New Zealand when people filled with hate violated the sacred precincts of two mosques and murdered 49 innocent people during prayer. We grieve with the bereaved families of the victims and their communities, and we condemn in the strongest terms possible these barbaric acts of premeditated violence and murder.

Today we must all see ourselves as Muslims. We must see ourselves as Muslims because when one of us is singled out on the basis of our faith all of us are hurt and humanity is violated.

Today we must see ourselves as Muslims because to be a Muslim means to submit to the will of Allah, the will of God. And the will of God is that we should not hate. Rather, it is that we should love all of God’s children and hold each and every one sacred, created one and all in God’s image.

Today and every day we stand in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers and join them in praying for strength and healing. May God bless them and us all with peace.